Friday, August 28, 2009

by this time next week....

i'll be a married women! holy hell!
well maybe if the dress ever gets done. it a good thing the blood of a tailor is good luck because the inside of the dress has quite a bit of it. hopefully enough to counteract any other bad luck. heres the latest photos:
the interior
the other sheath, which i'll use to build the purple silk over. i had to construct the dress as a strapless bodice, since i plan on dancing and jumping all around at the reception. and i'd like to leave my tits inside of the dress! but building a dress in this manner is a lot of construction, boning, bra cups, under wire, hurray! anyway its all coming togetherheres the wedding site, thats corey showing where we'll be.
now if i just knew how much food to buy for the reception.....

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